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Travel Plan
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Day-1 : Nikko
Without JR Pass : 5,170yen one way (JR)

Day-2 : Minobu Line and Mt.Fuji
Without JR Pass : 12,550yen round trips (JR)

Day-3 : Mt.Fuji and Five Lakes
Without JR Pass : 3,710yen one way (JR + Fuji Kyuko Line)

Day-4 : Kamakura
Without JR Pass : 800yen - 920yen one way (JR)

Day-5 : Hakone
Hakone Free Pass covers where JR Pass does not

Day-6 : Kyoto
Without JR Pass : 13,400yen one way (JR)

Day-7 : Hida Takayama and Shirakawago and Gokayama and Hida Furukawa
Without JR Pass : 14,410yen one way (JR)

Day-8 : Koyasan with Nankai
Without JR Pass : 13,940yen (JR) + 280yen (Osaka Metro) + 870yen (Nankai) + 390yen (CableCar) all one way

Day-9 : Hiroshima and Miyajima and Kintaikyo and Onomichi
Without JR Pass : 18,040yen one way (JR)

Day-10 : Naoshima and Teshima and Shodoshima
Without JR Pass : 16,940yen + 290yen (Ferry) one way

Day-11 : Yamadera
Without JR Pass : 11,150yen one way (JR)

Day-12 : Hiraizumi with Wankosoba
Without JR Pass : 12,410yen one way (JR)

Day-13 : Takaragawa Onsen
Without JR Pass : 5,600yen (JR) + 1,150yen (local bus) one way

Day-14 : Akazawa Onsen
Without JR Pass : 5,100yen one way (JR)

Day-15 : Yudanaka Monkey Onsen and Nagano
Without JR Pass : 7,790yen (JR) + 3,200yen (Nagaden train, Nagaden bus)

Day-16 : Tadami Line
Loop trip is no longer possible (>_<) due to typhoon damaging railways

Day-17 : iiyama line and yutaki onsen and more
Without JR Pass : 8,540yen one way (JR)

Day-18 : Rice Paddy Field Tour => all around the nation which is also something to do with rain (fengshui, water) and how about Takaoka (rainchain producer) near Kanazawa (JR Hokuriku Shinkansen).

Day-19 : Fuji san hongu
Without JR Pass : 7,330yen one way (JR)

Day-20 : Hakodate in Hokkaido
Without JR Pass : 23,010yen one way (JR Hokkaido Shinkansen)

Day-21 : Kagoshima in Kyushu
Without JR Pass : 29,140yen one way (JR Kyushu Shinkansen)

LCC (Low Cost Carrier)